Origin: Japan

Voice Provider: Yamanon

Release Date: April 1, 2008

Illustrator: Sen (線)

Homepage: Official Website


Name: Kasane Teto (重音テト)

Gender: Female

Height: 159.5cm (5ft 2in)

Weight: 47kg (103lbs)

Age: 31

Likes: French bread, Playing tricks

Dislikes: DMC, Rats


"Depicted as more innocent than Miku Hatsune is. Teto is cheerful and eager, though may be naughty at times, perhaps inspired by her mischievous roots from Doraemon. Depicted also as a Tsundere, but to a more gentler extent, unlike Neru Akita. She hates people who think her pigtails are actually drills. She also can be narcissistic at times and loves getting attention. She gets very angry or sad if someone has bread and does not share with her. Teto enjoys teasing people just to show she cares about them since she doesn't want to show her love. She can get out of control if not eaten bread for one day. There are also persisting rumors of Teto's Chimera alter-ego, giving her dragon wings and a tail. She may or not be aware of her own Chimera form. As for her other skills, she can whip up tricks to extend DVD rentals, and her favorite country is Norway."

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Voicebank InformationEdit

Supported Languages:


Encoding: Hiragana

Voicebank Types: VCV, CV

Download Page: Voicebank Download Page

Usage ClauseEdit

Teto Kasane has a governing policy imposed by the author in regards to usage of both the voicebank and the character. The English translation is provided by the author.



Other NamesEdit

Teto Kasane (Western Order)

카사네 테토 (Korean)